The business group of Hasan Zadeh began its work in 1991 by establishing of a factory which produced chickpeas located in the entrance of Azar Shahr town across from the pipe production factory, and expanded its acting by producing chickpeas with the most highly quality and also producing other grains including beans, pea, lentil and broad beans. After passing financial crisis and many other problems, it found a new power and continued its development by establishing a storage near Maraghe town and registered a trading company with the registration number of 1130 called Iranian Oghab Neshan in 2013. This company has a great role in supplying the grains needed in our dear country Iran through purchasing processing and distribution of Iranian grains and by importing foreign grains from several watery and land customs from some neighbor countries as Pakistan, Emirate, Turkey, Uzbekistan and some other countries which are the source of grain production as Canada, China, Australia, Ethiopia, India and Russia and it has gained a small share in the big market of the grains in Iran.


1) Iran, Tabriz

2) Iran, Azar Shahr








fax: +98-41-34221490